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Morrowind English Localization

Trucks Costa Rica: Century in TransAmerica

Costa Rica: Century
These companies make the transportation of merchandise throughout Central America and units used Freightliner Century, TransAmerica and HYH

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Accelerated Emt Courses In Colorado



Hermann Hesse

By Armando Almanzar Botello

Musician and poet Juan Luis Guerra Seijas
The poet Pliny Chahin

" The horse of Bedouin who down solitudes ... "
Horses Pathfinders.
José Santos Chocano

Uncertainty was anchor of the Bedouin.

The howls were extended.
to tell one body desolate spread ...

And that told me to speculate and flowered plate
(radiographic image of a text)
scaring the innocence of a thousand voices
sleepy birds ...

Santo Domingo, DR June 1976

From the book:
Francis Bacon, back. Slaughterhouse's crucifixion.
Fierro Angels Editora, 2007. RD
page 36.

reverie IN OFFICE

Paul Delvaux. Painting 1941. hands

By Armando Almanzar Botello

The night was a crouching tiger on the bluff.
And then I saw startled strange tremor in the violet light,
the ambiguous columns raising his arms quivering limbs strained at the appointed hour ...

oily smoke on the premises. Gut wall in the hallway, and a voice
Perfect tangled in the bushes ...

Then she, drawn appearance of black, high L (ele)
in the match protruding above the silent line of the eyes, walked with grace
wiggly world dance entirely to the rhythm of her buttocks ...

Item bled in two the procession in the first bifurcated path.

And her daughter inviolable veils,
Secretary-secret in the prosaic light of the office, threw
l often secretive green ribbon of machinery Remington,
essential in the waste basket ...
Santo Domingo, DR December 1978

From the book:
Hunter water and other texts mutants (Personal Poetry Anthology 1977-2002)
Editora Nacional, 2003, Santo Domingo. RD
page 26.


Yves Tanguy. Oil 1942, Indefinite Divisibility

By Armando Almanzar Botello

Here I am, oh lonely angry!, with open arms from you,
nameless ... Hell Grita

solitude calcine your fire me!
And burn in me Great City with mud moneychangers.

Crowd: Rot!

daggers Rabid galloping in the air, solitude write your verdict.
unfathomable Behold in the mirror of a tear the desired moment of the disaster.
Rupture of rods. Liquid metals. Alchemical nigredo. Writing forgot ...

Offer me in your hands the perfect vacuum, which never gave me no presence.
no longer, and none platyrrhine, black-eyed, brachycephalic, pubifláccidas,
peliplúmbeas ... ghostly ... sphinxes

[Nigredo Albedo Rubedo]

Sing a tree intact my wife and the world is reborn!

February 1982

From the book: Hunter
water and other texts mutants (Personal Poetry Anthology 1977-2002)
Editora Nacional, 2003, Santo Domingo. RD
Page 21

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Wolfe Manor Blueprints

Trucks Costa Rica: Costa Rica Century Truck

Trucks Costa Rica: Century Freightliner Century Truck

A Freightliner designs that caused a fairly significant change from the design of Freightliner Classic, Century, a modern classic ...